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Welcome to MindAptiv's LabEast
Essence Wantware Testing

Download our Latest Essence Entry-programs here. Build whatever Aptivs you wish. Currently this is an ALPHA-test site only. No warranties, legalities or expectations of any kind apply. We are in development and use this site for distributing amongst our team and testers as an Internal-process. However you have arrived here, feel encouraged to download, test, and email feedback to MindAptiv Test.

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Create at the Speed of Thought

Build what you wish, how you wish, with your words and order. You control what you do from start to finish to build any application, behavior, or experience.

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Trust your Content and Communications

Multiple Encryptions are inter-woven in realtime with unique protocols for each communication. Handles Security in a custom case manner for every transaction.

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Control and Understand Anything that Happens

All tasks, capabilities, and steps are exposed at the level of detail that matches you

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1. What is Essence wantware?

Empowering Everyone

Wantware personally enables everyone with all computer powers of today, even A.I., by letting them create, edit, tweak or just understand software behaviors.
"Wantware" is a computer platform for humans to have a dialog, using whatever language, special-words, and personal style of speaking, with the computer to express 'what they want their machine to do'. Its a back and forth process that establishes 'what their words mean' in a given context. Few people are programmers but all people, including programmers and technophobes, can describe in great detail what they like and dislike about a computer and more valuably, what they want to know ( why did it do that?!?!), or change ( i wish it'd just do X ) or make ( wouldn't it be cool if we could do Y ).
Wantware is an idea for human-expressed technology; Essence is our product brandname for wantware.

- Wantware uses human-described behaviors to define and refine software
- Software uses programming code to control hardware
- Hardware uses machine instructions to run computer tasks

In Development Now:

GPU: Nvidia, Amd & Intel
OS: Kern 5.1+, gLibC 2.34+

Upcoming Plans:

Android 11+, 64-bit ARM, API 30+

OS: iOS 15.0+, iPadOS 17.0, VisionOS 1.1+

OS: Monterey macOS12+

OS: Win7, Win10, & Win11

Html5, WebASM, WebGPU

2. Why Essence Exists

Our Core Mission

We just may genuinely empower many, if not most, of our people to make the world a better place with more solutions and more minds on each problem than ever in our history.
Wantware aims to be an economic win for making all our evolving-technology 'monetizable' by the global community. From 'if-this-then-that-instructions' to 'A.I. pattern recognition' or simply the power to tweak art details or writing styles, there are many gains by enabling non-programmers to control and produce tech solutions. Everyone who uses tech has frustrations of access that disappear if they could dialog with the machine. Our goal is to empower all people with tech to solve all the problems they face. Not removing programmers, just expanding the pool of who can change the behavior of tech from programmers to everyone. Grow the economic pie of valuable contributions with wantware!

Use all your Local and Cloud machines

Critical Changes use an Encrypted Concensus Ledger

Create & Export Media

Trade your creations or tweaks

Why Screenshot

3. How Essence Works

Human Words become Realtime Chip Instructions

Human Dialog 'Meaning Coordinates' map out what is possible, at various levels of tech detail, and these Semantic-Shapes are mapped to various CPU/GPU Chip Instruction Templates, which are Regenerated & Profiled in Realtime.

Wantware acts as a Meta-Computer since it operates by "talking about computing" and reconfiguring itself for all its task needs by regenerating its machine instructions and transforming its data structures & streams towards performance or wattage or other optimization goals. It handles the user specified needs by exposing all of its potential capabilities ( "what it can do" ) and current activities ( "why and what its doing now" ) to an interactive dialog in the user's language and style.

reorder for fastest results

restructure for least watts

prioritize copies & peer clones

compress bits & compact precision

4. Which Essence Role to Download

Choose limits for Your Trust Level.

ALL Roles are FREE and exist as Separate Applications.
Roles determine what you can do, what data is kept, and what machine privileges can be accessed using certificates, signing, and passwords.

Which Screenshot
  • Role 1: Tech-PRO
  • Tech Professional

  • Unlocks All Security Stages for Administration Level Capabilities.
  • SuperUser Requires Highest Privileges to Access All Chip and OS Features.
  • Maximize Processor Clocks, Schedule and other Priorities.
  • Access Energy Consumption & Other Chip or Sensor Data.
  • Role 2: CORE-Use
  • Everyone, Everywhere

  • Understand Who, What, When, and Why Anything Happens.
  • Tweak Form Changes on how something Appears or is Arranged.
  • Edit Functional Changes on how something Behaves.
  • Create Entirely New Content such as Behaviors, Beliefs, Ideas, and Timelines.
  • Role 3: GHOST-Test
  • Anonymous Play

  • Authentic Privacy via a Local-Only Program. No Cloud nor Servers nor Tricks.
  • No Hassle Exploration of Most Features for Evaluation and Safety.
  • Un-Tracked User Choices. No Sensor Monitoring via Networked Nodes.
  • Read-Only mean Absolutely Nothing is Saved or Retained Between Sessions.
  • Role 4: KIOSK-Visit
  • Location Experiences

  • Storefront, Community or School Limited Interactions for Many Visitors.
  • Recordable User Choices to Track Metrics or Allowed Massive Shared Access.
  • Remotely Controlled to Prevent Interference and Running Reliably.
  • Lockdown Input Devices Only Permit Expected Buttons or Sensors.