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jake kolb v

Engine Coder, Simulation-Architect, Behavior-Tuner, & Shader Creator


Committed to Solution Finding, Creative Reengineering, Efficiency Profiling, and Satisfying Shipping of Products


• Heavy: C89/C11, C++03/14, Obj-C, x86/x64/SSE/AVX, ARM8/NEON, MIPs, Nvidia-PTX, AMD-GCN, GLSL/HLSL/SPIR-V/MSL,
• Light: LISP, Prolog, FORTH, Rust, Swift, Python, Lua
• Human: Japanese(JLPT N-4)


• Cert. Astrobiology @ University of Edinburough 2011
• BS Computer Science @ Tufts University 1994
• Cert. 'Science Frontiers' @ Yale University 1988


• Agent Learning Behavior in Simulations
• Subjective Meaning Transformations
• Description Drive Content Creation
• Infinite Level-of-Detail Generation
• Realtime Shape & Motion Capture
• Camera-Object Recognition & Responses
• Photorealism simplifications & shortcuts
• Music remapping/driving Animations
• L-System Grammars & Ecosystem Models
• EEG Driven Training (humans/animals)


Simulation Graphics Creation-Tools Optimization
World Self-Balancing Shader Pipeline NLP/Speech Inputs Concurrency/Atomics
Agent Learning Formats Procedural Shapes/Motions Data Structure Transforms Instruction Profiling
Predictive Collision Global Illumination Caching Web-Scraping Inputs Algorithm Permutations


• U.S. Security Clearance: Former TS/SCI
• USPTO: Patent #10,037,592 Digital quaternion logarithm signal processing system and method for images and other data types.
• USPTO: Patent #10,846,821 Digital gradient signal processing system and method for video signals
• GameDeveloper Articles:
• Videos of Recent Work:


Chief Scientist @ MindAptiv (Southington, CT) 2011.04 - Now

• Designed 'wantware' which creates 'software' Apps, in realtime, from spoken or typed natural language dialog. Cloned & enhanced some classic apps & a modern MacStore App in < 100s of lines & < 60min.
• Built image upsampler tech, called "Illumin8" or 'i8' to zoom in, enhance details and eliminate stairstep 'jaggies'.
• Used i8 for camera recognition of identical-shaped surgical instruments at different sizes and fast training w/ ~100 frames to achieve 98% accuracy.
• Used i8 for reconstructing poor bandwidth video for Lockheed Martin and successfully outperformed Skype in calls from Texas to Italy in quality and consistency.
• Built an 'Object of Interest' system to extract & compress objects in video streams at different resolutions/quality-settings for high-resolution broadcasts.

Chief Scientist @ Xeolux LLC/ InVisM Inc. (Denver, CO) 2008.09 - 2011.03

• Built simulator for 'RF Signal Propagation/Material-Absorbtion' in cities (Sensor Signal Lab) and a geolocation/rendering/physics engine for a geo-location trainer (GeoStorm) on PC. Built iOS frameworks for Army360 training apps.

CEO/CTO @ Whatif Productions LLC (Belmont, MA) 1997.03 - 2008.09

• Built Game Tech for PlayStation and PC ( GermWarfare, Bion5, NERBS, Sen, Gobbler, Rest in Peace, & Karv: Temple of Evil), Video-Chat using 2G Cellphones ( LiveEye ), Military Projects ( Strike'n'Retrive NTE for U.S. Navy/Campbell-Ewald). Our 'GeoCommander' won Best Serious Game of 2008 (Government Games Category of Serious Showcase). Fundraised $5mil over 8 years. Developed a spatial-modeling tech called "Curved space" to warp Cartesian 3D space into 'no-empty-spaces' for faster collision/rendering.

Code-Consultant @ 'Early Career Highlights' (Boston, MA) 1991.11 - 1997.03

• Visualization projects @ Manning & Napier Information Systems ( InfoLenses for U.S. Airforce Intelligence, MAPIT Visualizer for U.S. Patent Office, and DR-VIEW Visualization Suite for AIPASG).
• 3D Win95 Gaming Engine @ Deep River Publishing/Corel ("Ashes to Ashes" ).
• Integrated 6DOF controllers @ Spacetec IMC ( Apogee's Rise of the Triad, Id's DOOM II, LucasArts X-Wing) and optimized rendering engines for many early 90s PC (DreamForge/SSI's Menzoberranzan, TriSoft's Depth Dwellers) and Atari Jaguar (AVP).
• Built Vestibular-Response simulator in early Virtual Reality (EyeFone HRX) for NASA-research @ MIT/Lincoln Labs.