How Wantware Offers a Better World

"Wantware" is a computer platform for humans to have a dialog, using whatever language, special-words, and personal style of speaking, with the computer to express 'what they want their machine to do'. Its a back and forth process that establishes 'what their words mean' in a given context. Few people are programmers but all people, including programmers and technophobes, can describe in great detail what they like and dislike about a computer and more valuably, what they want to know ( why did it do that?!?!), or change ( i wish it'd just do X ) or make ( wouldn't it be cool if we could do Y ).

-Wantware uses human-described behaviors to define software
- Software uses programming code to use hardware
- Hardware uses binary code to perform tasks.

WANTWARE_INCLUSION_99%: Wantware is about software market expansion, contributor inclusion, and enabling many competing solutions. Consider that programmers number 0.3% of our 7.3B population and ~1% in the USA. That's entirely different than a wealth disparity in terms of understanding your tech. Consider how many global citizens use software in phones, computers, or other parts of life. Then consider that even skilled programmers must commit significant efforts to create and distribute software for every 'want'. Wantware lets everyone make, edit, tweak or just understand their software. Automation, Machine Learning, and other AI-labeled tech is real and could be a net positive for all peoples, if all peoples were empowered to dialog with it.

Wantware is designed to learn the human, accomodating styles/orders and concerns, not force the human to learn the computer language with caveats and complex conventions. Essence is our brand of wantware.

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